Roster of the 31st Indiana Regiment

Three sets of Roster listings are found on this page. 

SET A, the first, but incomplete set is from the "Report of Adjutant General of Indiana 1861-1865".  My goal was to copy each company of the Regiment to this site, but the effort is tedious and time consuming and therefore has not yet been completed.  This set contains much more information on the soldier.

SET B, the second are links to a digital copy of the "Report of Adjutant General of Indiana 1861-1865".  These pages are not searchable as indicated.  This is where SET A was derived from.

SET C, the third set comes from the United States Government National Archives and lists only the soldier's Name, Company, Rank In and Rank Out.  This set is compiled from the soldier records kept in the U.S. National Archives and lists all known soldiers of the 31st Indiana.  Some soldiers are listed more than once, sometimes with different name spellings.

Special Note:  Other sources for a roster of the 31st Indiana include the book,  "Thirty-First Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion" by John Thomas Smith, The Third Colonel of Regiment, and the American Civil War Research Database.  I have found errors in all sources, so be warned. I have also found that some soldiers do not appear in one source, but appear in another.

Partial Listing of 31st Indiana Vol. Inf., Company Roster
"Report of Adjutant General of Indiana 1861-1865".

Full Roster of the 31st Indiana Vol. Inf., Company Roster
Source: United States National Archives
2,456 Names are listed (Note: some are listed more than once with different spellings)

Note: If you believe you have an ancestor who was in the 31st Indiana. Volunteer Infantry, please E-mail me if you want to confirm the soldier was enlisted. I will get back to you to confirm whether or not he is listed.

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I am especially interested in photos of soldiers from the 31st Indiana in their wartime clothing.  I am also interested in any letters, diaries, or biographical information on 31st Indiana soldiers

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