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Visit the Web Author's Other Web Sites:
Cobb's Kentucky Battery
John M. Hewitt, 72nd Indiana -- Author's Great Granduncle.
Car, Truck & Tractors   -- The Author's Motorized Collection.
Kentucky Antique Farm Machinery Assn.'s Antique Engine and Tractor Show

Sites Containing Information on the 31st Indiana Volunteer Infantry:
How to obtain a copy of the Book:
"Thirty-First Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion" by John Thomas Smith.  The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles,
Books a Million and some other book stores.  Simply go to a book seller's web site and copy and paste in the search box the name of the book (highlighted in yellow), then click "GO or Search".
Charles Cruft -- 1st Colonel of the Regiment.
31st Indiana Soldier Photos -- Craig Dunn's Photos of 31st Indiana Soldiers.
(NOTE: This page it titled "30th Indiana" but the pictures are really of the 31st Indiana soldiers).
Camp Calhoun, KY - Information - The notorious camp where many 31st Indiana soldiers died of disease.
Camp Cripple Creek Tennessee - Great information about this camp with much information on the soldiers who were there.

SUVCW -- Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (Get Involved, preserve our Heritage!!!)
Indiana SUVCW -- Site of the Indiana Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.
John W. Foster Camp No.2, SUVCW -- The Indiana SUVCW camp I belong to at Evansville, IN.
SCV -- Sons of Confederate Veterans (I don't care which side you like, Join one!!!)

Discovering Your Genealogy and Ancestry:
Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Genealogy
How DNA Testing Has Helped Family Tree Accuracy
DNA Weekly: Three of the World’s Top Ancestry Tests: How Do They Compare?
DNA Testing Guides - Comparison rating of the top 5 DNA testing kits.

Indiana Institutions:
Indiana State Archives
Indiana War Memorial

Indiana State Museum Home Page

Indiana Civil War Sites:

Southern Indiana Civil War Round Table - SICWRT  Located in Evansville
Civil War Round Table of North Eastern Indiana - Located in Fort Wayne Indiana
Civil War Indiana by Craig Dunn -- By the Author of "Iron Men, Iron Will, The 19th Indiana Reg. of the Iron Brigade", and a New Book on the 20th Indiana.
Indiana War Memorial Battle Flag Photographs
Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum
Lew Wallace Museum -- Visit this Museum, Famous General and Author of "Ben Hur".

Other Civil War Sites:
A History of Illinois in the Civil War
Nursing and Medicine during the Civil War
Legal History of the 14th Amendment
The Role of Cotton in the Civil War

Battle Fields the 31st Indiana Fought at:
Fort Donelson:
Shiloh (Pittsburg Landing):
Stones River (Murfreesboro):
Kennesaw Mountain:

Other Indiana Regimental web sites (some are Reenactment groups):
9th Indiana Vol. Infantry
11th Indiana Vol. Infantry - Zouves
14th Indiana Vol. Infantry
18th Indiana Light Artillery (Lily's Hoosier Battery)
19th Indiana Vol. Infantry - Iron Brigade
27th Indiana Vol. Infantry - SVR
27th Indiana Vol. Infantry - Antietam Unit
27th Indiana Vol. Infantry
30th Indiana Vol. Infantry
30th Indiana Vol. Infantry - At Rest
31st Indiana Vol. Infantry - This Site's Home Page
32nd Indiana Vol. Infantry

33rd Indiana Vol. Infantry
34th Indiana Vol. Infantry
35th Indiana Vol. Infantry - 1st Irish
35th Indiana Vol. Infantry - Reenactors
36th Indiana Vol. Infantry - Henry Co. Genealogy Service
40th Indiana Vol. Infantry
42nd Indiana Vol. Infantry
43rd Indiana Vol. Infantry
44th Indiana Vol. Infantry  3 books on the regiment by Margaret A. Hobson plus other information.
58th Indiana Vol. Infantry

Sites Dedicated Strictly to the Civil War:
Civil War Trust

e -- Features an old version of this site "31st Indiana V. I." in it's pages.
The Civil War Home Page
The Virginia Center for Civil War Studies
The Center for Civil War Research
Every Known Civil War Regimental History -- List of Known Regimental Histories (James River Pub.)
Confederate Network

The American Civil War Museum

The National Civil War Museum
The Civil War Museum, Bardstown, KY (Museum of the Western Theater)
Indiana State Museum Home Page
Indiana War Memorial
Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum
Lew Wallace Museum -- Visit this Museum, Famous General and Author of "Ben Hur".
Civil War Museum of Philadelphia
Texas Civil War Museum
Missouri Civil War Museum
Confederate Memorial Hall Museum
Gettysburg Heritage Center - Museum
African Civil War Memorial & Museum
The American Civil War Museum of Ohio
Louisiana's Civil War Museum
National Museum of Civil War Medicine

James River Publications -- Civil War Publications and Information
Civil War America -- CD's / DVD's on Civil War Topics, Great CD of "Official Records"
Black Powder Magazine

This site was written by:
Dennis Hutchinson

I am interested in anything connected with the 31st Indiana Vol. Infantry, or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me by E-Mail.

I am especially interested in photos of soldiers from the 31st Indiana in their wartime clothing.  I am also interested in any letters, diaries, or biographical information on 31st Indiana soldiers

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