Cobb's Kentucky Battery
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About:  Cobb's Kentucky Battery reenactment group represents the one of the most famous Confederate Artillery Battery groups of the Civil War. It suffered the highest losses of any Artillery Battery, on either side, at the Battle of Shiloh (or Pittsburg Landing). It was part of the (also famous) 1st Kentucky Brigade known as the "Orphan Brigade".

The Reenactor's:  The members of Cobb's Kentucky Battery hail from the Western Kentucky area, Southwestern Indiana, Southeastern Illinois, and Middle Tennessee. The number of full size Civil War cannon owned by some of the members of Cobb's Battery is more than 6. Types ranging from a bronze Napoleon, 6 pounder field piece and 3 inch ordinance rifles. This Reenactment group is well known for it's safety and precision drill on the "guns". However we do have a "Grand time in Camp". The Group is a family oriented group where the ladies and children are welcome as part of the "Living History" experience. Reenacting is an exciting experience for all.

Captain, James C. once summed up the experience the best when he said "Where else do men go, get dressed up, complement each other on their looks...and then go shopping"?!!...... (shopping means browsing the Sutler Tents)


For more information on the original Cobb's Battery and the Orphan Brigade check these sites by Geoff Walden and Laura Cook. Cobb's Battery & The Orphan Brigade

This Website is dedicated to our fallen members: Scott, Howard Stokes, David Stokes, James Stokes (Uncle Jimmy) and others.

Site Provided by: Captain,  Dennis Hutchinson, of Cobb's Kentucky Battery


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